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At Marley’s Mutts UK, we offer a range of dog training and coaching programmes suitable from puppyhood, through to an adult dog. We do not perform miracles, and we can’t stop unwanted behaviours overnight, but we can re-direct those behaviours, give your dog something else to focus on, and get their brains working, so they are able to make better choices. We offer a premium service and bespoke training and coaching programmes, tailored to your individual needs.

We use science backed, force free and positive reinforcement training tools and techniques. In other words, we only use kind and ethical training methods and equipment. Dogs learn by association, and through consequence so are always learning. That is why it is so important too use reward based training, and not punishment.

Not sure what help you need, or even where to start? We can explain the services and support we offer in a FREE 20 minute discovery call. Send us a message or give us a call to book a time slot.

Dog Training and Coaching Programmes

Private Training – One-to-One training & coaching sessions for your adolescent, adult dog or rescue in your own home. These are carried out remotely, over zoom, and work extremely well, as your pup is in his own environment. He learns more, and quicker, as we coach and support you, to train your dog where he feels happy and safe. This is perfect for rescues, who are still finding their feet, or for adult dogs who are displaying unwanted behaviours. We can see first hand how they interact with you at home, so are able to provide better advice, and support.

Dog Training and Coaching Programmes

Training Walks – These can be invaluable as part of your dog’s rehabilitation or if he is nervous / anxious on lead or dog reactive, and needs that extra bit of help. This is a walk and train service, so lasts 45 minutes, as your pup will be getting physical, and mental exercise, so it’s very tiring. We will have a transfer session after every 3 sessions, so you are up to speed with your pups progress. Depending on the behaviour we are working on, we may need more than one session per week to see any improvement.

Training Walks

Day Training – We can train your dog for you. This programme is perfect for extra busy households, and includes regular transfer sessions, so you’re fully up to speed with your pups progress.

This is a premium service, so please contact us for further information.

Dog Walking Programme

Solo Walks – solo dog walks are perfect for puppies on socialisation walks. or getting used to their new collar and harness; older dogs, who need that extra attention, and who want to go at their own pace; or rescue’s who are nervous or anxious out and about.

These are great if your dog is rehabilitating from an illness, or surgery, or simply doesn’t feel comfortable in a group setting. We prefer to focus on your dog. It’s his walk, not a group walk. We believe that each individual dog, needs an individual walk, and that each dog shall have its day.

If you have two dogs from the same household, who like to be walked together, we can certainly make that happen. We can extend the walk and make it an adventure, where we do scent walks, sniff walks, beginners agility where we hire a private and secure field for your dogs to enjoy.

Please note, these are one-to-one dog walks, where we focus on your dog, making it his walk. These are not training walks.

Dog Walking Programme

The Positive Puppy Programme

The Positive Puppy Programme – One-to-One training and coaching sessions for you and your puppy in your own home. These are carried out remotely, over zoom, and work very well. Your puppy doesn’t have to get used to another person in their home, and can focus far better on what they are doing. He’ll learn far more, and he’ll learn quicker, as we coach and support you, to train your puppy where he feels happy and safe. Basic training is of course provided, but we focus on Life Skills, and setting your puppy up for success.

The Positive Puppy Programme

The Positive Puppy Academy We are so excited to launch our NEW 8 week ‘Puppy Power’ training course. You can go at your own pace, in your own time, and will have access to over a hundred training handouts and videos, to help you on your journey. There are 3 different sign up options available, that work with your learning style, the level of support you want, and your budget.

Coming soon is our NEW 6 week ‘Life Skills’ beginners class, where you get videos and handouts each week to work through, and group zoom sessions to support and guide you. This course is suitable for puppies of any age, or even adolescent dogs, so get in touch to find out more.

With both these online courses you will be enrolled in our private community Facebook group with other puppy parents, and be able to join us each week for FB lives, or over zoom for training and coaching sessions, and have access to additional support and advice online during business hours.

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