The Positive Puppy Programme

Our gorgeous Rottie puppy Roxy, resting after an awesome training session working on the Box Step and Recall.

Following the initial assessment and consultation, you will get 4 x 45 minutes remote training and coaching sessions, over zoom, a bespoke training plan, free puppy training book, “Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy” by Steve Mann, a clicker, and online and phone support during business hours. It is important that you continue with your training and working with your puppy in between our sessions, so are provided with weekly handouts and videos to help you.

The initial assessment and consultation includes the information provided on the puppy history form, which you will have completed beforehand. We’ll discuss your pups health & wellbeing, his diet and sleeping patterns, canine enrichment, mental and physical stimulation, and advise how to manage any unwanted behaviours he may be displaying. The consultation can be booked in isolation, at a cost of £95, and includes a basic training plan, a FREE clicker and E-book to get you started. We will call you after one week, to see how you are getting on. It is not meant to replace ongoing training for your puppy, it simply acts as a baseline, giving you the tools needed to get him off on the right paw.

Dogs learn by association and through consequence, so are always learning. Being able to support and guide you for 8 weeks during your puppies crucial learning and development stage, would be amazing. You’ll learn all about positive socialisation, habituation, how puppies learn and engage, all about canine enrichment, mental stimulation, and more. You will even learn ‘how to speak dog’ and once you know how to communicate with your puppy, you’ll never look back.

We will of course cover basic training, and behaviours, such as Drop, Leave It, Recall and Loose Lead Walking; but will focus on Life Skills. You will learn how to help and support your puppy manage surprises, how to deal with loud noises, how to interact with other dogs, keeping four paws on the floor; how to deal with nipping & biting, and supporting him to gain confidence through games. You will be setting your puppy up for success, by giving him the skills needed to become a well balanced, well adjusted, and confident adult dog. This is your bespoke training plan, so we will focus on the issues that are important to you, and your puppy. It is fluid, so can be changed and updated as we go along.

We only use Force Free, positive reinforcement and scientifically backed training methods. This means we only use kind and ethical training tools and techniques, which ensures your puppy learns in a kind and safe environment, and has lots of fun and games at the same time.

What you get:

  • One-to-One training and coaching sessions remotely, over zoom, or if safe to do so, in-person
  • Bespoke training and coaching plan
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions per month (or 3 x 60 minute sessions)
  • Ongoing support online and over the phone, during business hours
  • FREE puppy training book
  • Clicker
  • Training handouts and feedback on your videos
  • Minimum of 2 months sign up

After the initial assessment and consultation, if you choose our ongoing support, and sign up for our bespoke training and coaching programme, it is £175 per month.

The programme can also be booked without the initial assessment and consultation, although we would advise against this, and the monthly support would be £200 per month. You will get everything as above, but the training plan but will not be bespoke, as we have not had the information needed from the puppy history form, and the initial assessment and consultation to complete it.

Please contact us for a FREE Discovery Call to see how we can help you, and to discuss the options we offer in further detail.

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