Do we ask too much from our dogs?

We want a best friend, a companion, a confidant, an exercise partner, obedience, cleanliness, calmness, quiet, barking to let us know there is a intruder, no barking, long walks, short walks, rushed walks, no walks, toilet trained puppy, dog friendly, people friendly, well behaved in pubs or dog friendly cafe’s, ok with loud noises, loves children, good with cats, good with car journeys, sleeping through the night, non destructive to household objects or furniture, being left alone for hours, being hugged, being kissed, being scared, being punished, being on a lead, wearing a collar, doing tricks, going to the vets. The list goes on….

But what do dogs actually want themselves, and what do they need from us?

We put a lot of pressure and stress on our dogs and often do not give them the support they need to meet our expectations. Even worse, we then get mad at them for not doing what we want? Surely that is backwards right? We need to understand them better, learn how they communicate with us, listen to them and change the way we communicate with them. I have been lucky enough to attend many seminars where the amazing Sarah Fisher has presented. Sarah is a Tellington Touch Instructor, dog trainer, horse trainer and an animal behaviourist. Sarah often says that “our dogs are the only dog experts here and that we are the students”. That is so true and completely the opposite from what a lot of people believe. Sarah goes on to say that there are no mistakes, there are only ‘miss takes’. Meaning we have often missed what our dogs are trying to tell us. For example when a dog has behaved in a certain way or even bitten a child, we often hear “well that came out of nowhere”, “there were no warning signs”, “he’s been fine all day”, “he’s used to it”. What had our dogs been trying to tell us? What had we missed? Of course we have missed things, I am a certified dog trainer and understand dog body language and still miss things with my dogs.

If you would like to understand your dog better; learn how to improve your communication; build a stronger relationship, or modify any unwanted behaviours, then please get in touch. A FREE 20 minute Discovery Call is available. Find out how we can help you.

Thank You

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