Dog Walking Programme

We only offer Solo Dog Walks as we do not believe that group walks are for every dog. Our philosophy is that there is a dog walk for every dog, and that every dog should have its day.

All walks are carried out by a Professional, qualified in canine first aid, DBS checked and fully insured. At present, this service is only offered to current clients, who have signed up to one of our training and coaching programmes. These sessions are great as an ‘add on’ service, if you need support during the day while, you are at work, or at home, trying to work.

This is a popular service, and we only take on a few new clients each month, so there is a waiting list. If you would like to put your name down, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Solo Dog Walks

These walks are ideal for dogs who need that extra attention, and prefer to enjoy a walk on their own, at their own pace. They suit nervous or anxious dogs; rescue dogs who need support getting used to their new environment; dogs who simply are not comfortable in a group setting; and are perfect for puppies, who are just starting out wearing their collar / harness, or need support with socialising out and about.

The walk is tailored to your dog’s individual needs, a ‘sniff’ walk, a road walk, a run in the park, or a visit to town or sit outside a local café, getting them used to the hustle and bustle of every day life.

We offer ‘sniff’ walks; ‘confidence’ walks; ‘socialisation’ walks; ‘rehabilitation’ walks; and adventure treks. Whatever your dog needs, or enjoys we have you covered.

Get in Touch if you have 2 dogs from the same household, who like to be walked together, and not in a group session. We can of course make that happen!

We are happy to extend the time, if there are a minimum of 2 dogs, and can make the walk into an adventure. We can do sniff walks, scent games, beginners agility, where we hire out a private and secure field for them to enjoy time off, lead in safety.

We don’t offer single or ad hoc walks, we do not believe it is fair to the dog, or the dog professional, unless you are a current client. Our programmes come with a minimum support of 1 month sign up, with at least one walk per week.

Pricing Examples –

30 minutes walk 1 x week – £60 per month

60 minutes walk 1 x week – £100 per month

Happy dogs make Happy owners.

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